Request for Proposal - GPSNR Baseline reporting requirements pilot

June 22, 2020  |   RFP

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), is an international multi-stakeholder, voluntary membership initiative seeking to lead improvements in the socioeconomic and environmental performance of the natural rubber value chain. Development of GPSNR was initiated by the CEOs of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Tire Industry Project (TIP) in 2018. Members of the platform include tire manufacturers, rubber suppliers and processors, vehicle makers and NGOs. Representatives from each of these stakeholder groups have contributed to the development of the Singapore-based platform and the wide-reaching set of priorities that will define GPSNR strategy and objectives.

GPSNR’s Policy Toolbox Working Group is developing for approval two key documents that will form GPSNR member requirements. First is a set of Policy Components, which outlines specific commitments that GPSNR company members should include in their sustainable natural rubber policies. Second are the Baseline Reporting Requirements, which indicates qualitative and quantitative sustainability data to be reported to the GPSNR Secretariat for year 1 (2020). To finalize these Baseline Reporting Requirements, the Working Group is conducting a pilot test with volunteer companies. The aim of the pilot is to understand any constraints companies may have in obtaining or sharing certain information, with the goal to refine and finalize the Baseline Reporting Requirements based on company feedback.

In order to achieve this, GPSNR is seeking a fixed term consultancy firm who will be responsible for gathering the responses from pilot participants, ensuring data security and confidentiality, and providing a short aggregated summary of data, including recommendations to GPSNR to inform the revision of the reporting requirements and questionnaire.

Scope of Engagement

The consultancy firm shall provide:

A system to collect data that must:

  1. Provide a secure and unique login for pilot participants to access data submission form  
  2. Ensure data security during transmission and storage of data (as some data will have commercial sensitivity)
  3. Possess, at minimum, the following:
    Ability to export data collected into CSV, XML or PDF formats for data analysis
    Salesforce integration
    Ability to accept file attachments
  4. Allow pilot participants to identify the preferred type of disclosure for each data point, according to the following categories:
    Public Disclosure
    Disclose only to GPSNR Secretariat
    Disclose only to consultant (for aggregate reporting)
    Not for disclosure

A review of all data received, including:

  1. A summary of aggregate data as reported, with highlights of any major anomalies in answers
  2. A short report for internal GPSNR use (Secretariat and members), aimed at informing GPSNR in the revision of the questionnaire/ process

The consultancy firm might be required to conduct limited interviews with pilot participants (if necessary) around the sensitive data (to be quoted separately as addendum based on hourly cost).

GPSNR Secretariat will be able to assist in certain areas of the project, including development of an online submission form, if necessary. For a detailed list of the support from GPSNR, see page 6.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The following submission guidelines & requirements apply to this Request for Proposal:

  1. Proposals will only be accepted from firms or organisations with experience relevant to this project.
  2. Examples of previous relevant work should be provided as well.
  3. A technical proposal must be provided that is not more than 3 pages. This technical proposal must provide an overview of the proposed solution as well as resumes of all key personnel performing the work. In addition, the technical proposal should provide a proposed schedule and milestones, as applicable.
  4. A price proposal must be provided that is not more than 1 pages. This price proposal should indicate the overall fixed price for the project as well as hourly rates and an estimated total number of days.
  5. Proposals must be signed by a representative that is authorized to commit bidder’s company.
  6. Proposals must be received prior to 26 June to be considered. Proposals should be submitted to for consideration.
  7. GPSNR reserves the right to amend the scope and budget of this RFP in order to get the most suitable consultant for each topic.

Download Request for proposal document here

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