(CLOSED) Request for Proposal - Study on Living Income Gap in Global Natural Rubber Value Chains – Indonesia

August 14, 2020  |   RFP

Introduction & Background

The Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), is an international Multi-Stakeholder, voluntary membership initiative seeking to lead improvements in the socioeconomic and environmental performance of the natural rubber value chain. Development of the GPSNR was initiated by the CEOs of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Tire Industry Project (TIP) in November 2017. Members of the platform include tire manufacturers, rubber suppliers and processors, vehicle makers and NGOs.  Representatives from each of these stakeholder groups have contributed to the development of the Singapore-based platform and the wide-reaching set of priorities that will define GPSNR strategy and objectives.

Through a process led by the Equity Working Group, the Platform has begun an investigation into how value can be equitably distributed across the entire natural rubber value chain. To achieve this aim, it is important for the Platform to gather information about the following metrics in different countries:

i) the prevailing net household income of rubber smallholders;

ii) the detailed cost of production for rubber (input costs, labor etc);

iii) the living income for rubber smallholders;

iv) the living income gap and v) the living income reference price for rubber (the price at which the living income benchmark can be reached).

The Platform has decided to limit the focus of this initial study to Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar and the consultant is expected to collect information on the aforementioned metrics in Indonesia for this study.

Given that living income data is not readily available for each country, alternative benchmarks should be used where relevant and applicable. A list of potential benchmarks and preliminary data are illustrated in the attached document. To facilitate cross-country comparisons of income data and living income levels, the consultant is expected to use consistent units of measurement (per household / per workforce / per person) throughout this study.

The consultant will collect the information via desktop study, interviewing of GPSNR members, research institutes, social NGOs, governmental organizations, etc.  A primary list of stakeholders will be provided by the Secretariat together with the Equity Working Group members.  A complementary list will be developed by the consultant.  Regular contact and updating to the Equity Working Group together with the Secretariat will be required. Travel plans shall be made by the consultant where possible and necessary.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The following submission guidelines & requirements apply to this Request for Proposal:

  1. Proposals will only be accepted from individuals or firms with experience relevant to this project.
  2. Examples of previous relevant work should be provided as well.
  3. A technical proposal must be provided that is not more than 4 pages. This technical proposal must provide an overview of the proposed solution as well as resumes of all key personnel performing the work. In addition, the technical proposal should provide a proposed schedule and milestones, as applicable.
  4. A price proposal must be provided that is not more than 1 pages. This price proposal should indicate the overall fixed price for the project as well as hourly rates and an estimated total number of days.
  5. Proposals must be signed by a representative that is authorized to commit bidder’s company.
  6. Proposals must be received prior to 19th August 2020 to be considered. Proposals should be submitted to stefano.savi@gpsnr.org for consideration.
  7. GPSNR anticipates shortlisting at least two individuals or firms to have more in-depth discussions with, and will make an award to one of these “down-selected” individuals or firms.


The Platform is anticipating that a total budget of no more than 10,500 Euros be allocated to this engagement.

Payment terms shall be:

  • 50% at the signing of the contract
  • 50% on delivery of the final report

Evaluation Factors

GPSNR will rate proposals based on the following factors, with cost being the most important factor:

  • Responsiveness to the requirements set forth in this Request for Proposal;
  • Relevant past performance/experience;
  • Samples of work;
  • Cost, including an assessment of total cost of ownership;
  • Technical expertise/experience of bidder and bidder’s staff;
  • The ability to collect information at the global and local level.

GPSNR reserves the right to award to the bidder that presents the best value to GPSNR as determined solely by GPSNR in its absolute discretion.

Please submit your application to stefano.savi@gpsnr.org by 19 August 2020.

Download full RFP here: Request for Proposal - Study on Living Income Gap in Global Natural Rubber Value Chains – Indonesia

View list of potential benchmarks and preliminary data here

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