Smallholders Representation Working Group Update - February 2020

February 26, 2020  |   News

The Smallholders Representation Working Group will soon actively engage our smallholder members in several sessions with the aim of thoroughly briefing them on the Platform’s operations, including key documents such as GPSNR Statutes and Code of Conduct.

These documents have now been translated into several languages to cater to the geographical diversity of the group. Ensuring that the smallholders have a good foundational understanding of GPSNR’s aims, structure and bodies of the Platform and the roles of those bodies, is key to inclusion and participation. 

A sub-Working Group has been specially established to focus on preparations for the General Assembly and related sessions. The sub-Working Group will have its first session in early March, and will discuss matters such as agenda, potential facilitators, translation services, as well as plans to hold two half-day orientation sessions with the smallholders prior to the General Assembly. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, the Working Group will revise its timeline for continuing its plans to organize smallholder workshops in additional countries like India and Malaysia. Up for consideration is a partnership with the Capacity Building Working Group on possible short-term projects that can be implemented in the meantime.

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